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Welcome To Excel Accounts

What we do
We endeavour to gain an excellent understanding of your company's recruitment needs. This understanding enables us to search and select effectively, helping you to reach your goals. We also aim to provide a very high level of personal service and we excel at keeping in touch with you at every step of the way

Who we are
1. Zeal Careers has PROFESSIONAL standards and adheres to them;
2. We remember that this is a PEOPLE based industry and therefore keep the human element in sharp focus;
3. We ENJOY facilitating the process using our expertise to leverage the best possible outcome of each task;
4. We constantly endeavour to develop the recruitment process - looking for new ways to deliver maximum BENEFIT to our candidates and clients.

Our Process
  • Terms of business are agreed and a copy sent to client.
  • Client vacancy is uploaded to our database immediately and automatically appears on our website as well as other national recruitment websites.
  • Zeal Careers undertake vacancy matching process. Speaking with all potential candidates and prepare a suitable shortlist.
  • Consultant forwards shortlist of candidates CVs to client.
  • Consultant arranges interview between client and candidates.
  • Following interview consultant will gain feed back from candidate and report back to client.
  • Successful - Client makes offer.
  • Invoice tendered to client on candidates start date.